A Percy Jackson based Roleplay.
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PostSubject: Kalista Love   Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:06 pm

Name: Kalista (Kali) Love
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Sexual Orientation: Love is love. Who's to care what's the gender behind it?
My blood is: Aphrodite
Pegasus Name: Snow
Pegasus Description or Picture:
Been at Camp For: 5 years
Determined or Undetermined: Determined
Cabin Number: Cabin 10
Personality: Kali is gentle and kind. Not to mention very very vain. Since her name means most beautiful one, she feels it's her duty to be vain about it.
History: Kalista grew up with her father. She had been told from a young age that she looked exactly like her mother and she relished that fact. Every time she looked in the mirror she imagined her mother holding her and comforting her, like a mother would. From her birth she had been attracting men both young and old. As she got older, she became more and more like her mother. Taking on many lovers. Her father never approved and would call her horrible names, like slut, whore etc. Even though she was his daughter, he too, was attracted to her. It was nothing against him, it was just the sexual pull she inherited from her mother. When she turned 14 her father finally told her why she was the way she was. She had accepted it right away. After one night when her father tried to have sex with her, she decided it was a better idea to go to leave. A satyr found her one day and that's how she ended up in Camp Half-Blood. Once there she did learn how to fight, but she would rather make love. Even at the camp, men wait on her hand and foot and she had many lovers. Using her charmspeak ability, she could even win over most girls.
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Kalista Love
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